Forget what you learned
and start fresh

Watch for
market hours

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Implement your strategy

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Analyze & wait for your target

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Make your decision with confidence!

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What you will learn here is completely different from any trading you might have learned in the past.

We are a dedicated team of Forex traders. You might have learned how the market moves based on supply and demand which gives us the opportunities to buy or sell and instrument. You might also have heard of many strategies like price action, momentum hunting, trend riding and other types of strategies that experienced traders use.

Forget about all what you have learned!

What you see here is the real market, real price movements, and how to follow them, and be one of the profitable %5 of the traders in the world.
We are planning on launching our Forex Intelligence Academy soon which will focus on teaching traders how to manage their time, trade the right sessions, avoid trap movements, stay away from fake momentums, join the chat confirmations to start a sure trade, and eventually profit from almost every trade.

Sign up to get notified once the academy is ready. Meanwhile, while we still work on our academy, you can join our Telegram channel to follow our trades and the explanation of our decisions. The explanation is in Arabic language but you can follow the trades open price / TP / SL in English with no problems.

Combining different factors

Research and learn
Choose your broker carefully
Specify your asset
Analyze its dependencies
Deep analyze all
Implement your risk management
Wait for the time and price to come together
Trade as a machine!

New insight into the market

Market history
Market makers
Media illusions
Central banks
True day (sessions)

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I’m always interested in hearing from my students. Send your feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

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